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Many of our pieces are limited edition due to seasons of sustainable harvest or limited unique materials so please order as soon as possible to avoid missing out. There is no guarantee it will be available again.

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Alaskan Rugged Elegance
My wife Lori and I moved to Alaska in 2015 with the hope of creating a lifestyle off grid, without bills and the drama of the busy city life. I was a helicopter engine mechanic, a 10 year army veteran and just finished a contract overseas. Lori was a CNA and stayed with me overseas during the last part of my contract. Our 4 children moved out, and we no longer needed a 3000 sqft house. We purchased land in Alaska, built a 20'x24' cabin 1 mile into the woods and successfully setup our homestead. One night after throwing a log in the fire on a -40 degree day, Lori asked about something she seen, a wood ring. I contemplated briefly and said, "I could do that, I think". The next morning I was outside with the chainsaw cutting firewood, that quickly turned into looking for pieces of wood that would make good rings.... And Rob's Alaskan Woodcraft was born. -Rob Van Sleet Rob's Alaskan Woodcraft

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