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What is a Bentwood Ring?

You may already be more familiar with bentwood than you realize. Wooden canoes, rocking chairs, and many pieces of  furniture employ the bentwood technique. Bentwood itself is a well-established method in woodworking but has only recently been applied to creating bentwood rings in a durable and long-lasting way.

Every ring is expertly handcrafted by myself to your exact size when you order.

In the cut-out wooden ring there are two areas where the end-grain is exposed and the ring is vulnerable to breaking when put under pressure (or when water enters the wood and causes it to expand).

In a bentwood ring, the grain is oriented around and around, into several layers, creating a durable ring with no weak spots.

To bend wood, thin strips of wood need to be steamed to just the right temperature, then quickly wrapped around a form and clamped to hold their shape. After the wood has dried into shape, a special glue is used to glue each overlapping layer until the thickness of the ring has been formed. We typically use 5 to 7 layers to create each ring for maximum strength with a thin profile.

The way the grain is oriented along the length of a bentwood ring, the layers upon layers of wood, and the strong adhesive work together to create the toughest wooden ring possible. Think of it like building with blocks where staggering each layer creates more strength than the one layer on it’s own.

After the shape of the ring has been created, we carefully sand the wood to a polished state, cut and round the edges into a smooth, soft curve and add any inlays you’ve requested. Crushed stone or shell inlays are placed with tweezers to create maximum coverage.

To finish, each wooden ring is coated with a durable, waterproof coating. This coating is built up into five thin, glossy layers that compliment the wood grain while still sealing in all of the surfaces to make sure your ring can be worn even while washing your hands or showering.